Mad Max:Fury Road

A bullet is like an anti-seed. Plant one and watch something die.

A SF world where our natural resources are in  extinction and, in lack of them, people return to their primary instincts. The power of a man who lives for nothing but power, regardless of the human needs of the ones he leads. Fanatic warriors that are foolish risking their lives for a world beyond death. An outcast haunted by his past, a tough revengeful woman, and violence blended with overly atractice, with scents of purity and innocence women(this thing reminded me of Sucker Punch).  Loaded from the very begining to the end with lots of action, and , above it all, filled with deep thought and emotions.

While watching, it doesn’t leave you a moment to breathe.

Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in  search of our better selves.


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