5 books that will make you think

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest By Ken Kesey

The story was used in a theatre piece, a book and also a movie. It puts a great question mark on who is normal and who is actually mad, the system or the ones that oppose it and are different by trying to be themselves, and it talks about the heroes that sacrifice themselves for the freedom of others. McMurphy is a riot that gives the novel its meaningful, funny and full of action main plot, while Chef Bromden is the voice that gives style and character in the book.

The Cather In The Rye by J. D. Salinger

Don’t tell me you never in your teenage years felt frustrated and rebelled stupidly against your parents. Holden is the kind of teen socially misfit, but with a few friends he isn’t very close too. He goes through his little senseless and rebellious against his parents adventure, regressing all the way through the novel, trying to fill his days by doing nothing, feeling misunderstood, lonely and depressed. And the beauty of the novel is that is shows how nobody can be tougher than a teenager.

Aleph by George Luis Borges

Aleph is believed to be the name of the beginning, that place where everything exists in the same time. Well, the book of George Luis Borges presents 15 stories, from which the writer claims that only two are not fantastic. However, they all start by tritely portraying a common scene from the life of different people that find themselves as common, only to transcend due to an unexpectedly usual happening to a point out of their reality where they find the truth about themselves.

Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes

A beautiful story about having to accept yourself as you are, because, in the end, nothing else will aver fit you ever fit you. Scientists offer to Charlie, a person with mental difficulties, the possibility to improve his IQ and become a smarter person. It turns out that Charlie, in time, becomes a genius, but it does not satisfy him. In fact the new understanding he has brought him to a sort of depression and made him unable to love life. When Charlie starts losing his intelligence back to where he was the experiment remains just a beautiful but sad journey for him.

All The Names by Jose Saramago

It’s about the isolation that exists in every one of us. We all are Jose from time to time, we are transparent for the society we sometimes worship, we all have our strange habits that give sense to our lives so we can stay alive, and we all sometimes need to obsess over somebody so that we make it our salvation. We all live in our tiny narrow private traps, and sometimes betray all the rules we ever accepted in our lives just to feel that we are more than we have ever believed.

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