New man’s mind (part 2)

English: This is a work of imagination, not facts.

„The chaos is only about to begin. You have to find strength to defeat it.”

Eager for information, the nowaday’s man selects, however, only what he likes, accords that resonate with good states of being, hoping that if he doesn’t lose himself in the sea of antithetical definitions from outside, he will survive more forward. He doesn’t know where does this race, cutting through his world becoming a desert, wears him. He speeds up towards the horizon, towards that mirage promising to temper his thirst. In what will the world perish? Will it be fire or water? Fire, because fire is the one burning now freely, out of control. The feeling of mysticism was lost because we had the tentation to bite from the apple of knowledge, and we saw then how naked we are, looking for the first time outside us.

This is the greatest secret that enslaves the voice of manking. Everything is being lost, slowly, slowly, apocalyptic times, now everyone has conditions to physically survive, but the mind is sacrificed on the shrine of misleading information, people lie to themselves more then they believe one in another, the man has to take care of his soul, so that he may not be pushed in the void laying before him.

And, slowly, the hidden face that looks inside man takes charge. The human feels divided, promissing to himself baths in the sea of illusions that consumes his power. The face facing the world, this mask, betrayes him, fighting for supremacy over the main conscience. This destiny is distopy. People have jacks implanted in them, through which they connect to sensations. The world searches for illness, only the ones with a too insane mind to align with the pattern get the chance to become immortal.

And the ones standing in the crowd, waiting for another wheel spinning, won’t undestand a thing from beyond. They will only speculate endlessly.

Romana: Aceasta este o viziune imaginara, tratati-o ca atare.

„Haosul abia incepe. Tu trebuie sa gasesti putere sa razbesti prin el.”

Avid de informatie, omul din zilele noastre totusi selecteaza doar ce-i place, acorduri ce rezoneaza in stari bune, sperand ca daca nu se va pierde in marea de definitii antitetice de afara va razbi in continuare. Nu stie unde il poarta cursa aceasta taind prin lumea-i ce se transforma in desert. Accelereaza carte acea Fata Morgana, promitandu-i sa-i potoleasca setea, din zare. In ce va pieri lumea? In foc sau in apa? In foc, ca focul e cel care arde acum liber, fara control. Sentimentul de misticism s-a pierdut pentru ca am avut tentatia sa muscam din pomul cunoasterii si am vazut cat de goi suntem, privind pentru prima data in exterior.

Acesta e cel mai mare secret care subjuga glasul omenirii. Se pierde tot, incet, incet, vremuri apocaliptice, acum toata lumea are conditii sa suprvaietuiasca fizic, dar mintea este sacrificata pe altarul informatiei, oamenii se mint mai mult decat se incred unul in altul, omul trebuie sa aiba grija de sufletul lui, poate nu va fi impins in haul ce i se intinde in fata.

Si, incet, chipul ascuns ce il priveste inauntru preia controlul. Omul se simte dezbinat, promitandu-si bai in marea de iluzii ce ii consuma puterea. Chipul privind lumea, masca aceasta il tradeaza, luptandu-se si ea sa aiba suprematia constiintei centrale. Acest destin e distopie. Oamenii isi implanteaza mufe prin care sa se conecteze la senzatii. Lumea cauta boala, doar cei cu mintea prea infectata ca sa se alinieze in tipar au sansa sa devina nemuritori.

Si cei ce raman in multime, asteptand inca o invartire de roata, nu vor pricepe nimic despre lumea de dincolo. Vor specula la nesfarsit.

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